Monday, September 12, 2011

Spirit the Eagle wants Club seats


We've been waiting for this video to surface all weekend.

The eagle known as "Spirit" who fly's through the air with the greatest of ease to start Auburn's football home games, made a little detour in this weeks flight.

"Spirit" appears to either be distracted by his own reflection, looking for air conditioning or maybe has something out for one of the scribes in the Press Box as he bangs into the window sealing it off, before continuing on his way.

Honestly, though we don't particularly harbor any love for Auburn football, we've seen "Spirit" fly in person and really, it is pretty damn cool.

We looked, albeit briefly for this video on Saturday, we are glad to see it finally surface. And yes, because he wasn't hurt, we can make fun of this.

And yes, it is funny. And no, he wasn't hurt.

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