Saturday, September 3, 2011

University of Oklahoma: We have options--UPDATED

University of Oklahoma
 Updated--It appears the options consist of the Pac 12 and the Pac 12. News OK in Oklahoma City reports Saturday afternoon that Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott is in Dallas at the Oregon/LSU game and said he didn't need to go to Oklahoma and visit the Sooners. Rather, the papers sources say, Scott will concentrate on convincing Texas to join as well, along with Oklahoma State and Texas Tech to make the Pac 16.

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Will Oklahoma be the next team to bail out on the conference known as the Big 12 who now has 9 members?

Maybe they will, maybe they won't, but it sure sounds like they are fully exploring their options. Sooner president David Boren spent the bulk of his time during a ceremony to celebrate a donation to the school answering questions about the school's future.

Boren told the Kansas City Star the decision wouldn't take long, "I don't really think this is something that is going to linger on beyond two or three weeks at the outside."

Boren also said that the Sooners have opportunities with more than one conference should they choose to move.

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While Boren hasn't ruled out trying to resuscitate the Big 12 and stick around, he clearly is exploring all his options. Oklahoma's brand is certainly strong enough that they can pick and choose where they'd want to go. We are quite sure the Pac 12 would be happy to have them and so would the SEC, though the Sooners have rebuffed them. The Big 10 and a host of other conferences would jump at the opportunity as well.

We would not be surprised to see Oklahoma bail out either, the only surprise is that they would try and make a decision during the season. Yes, it would make things disruptive. We think they'll go and smart money is on the Pac 12. We think the Big 12 will be the 1st of the "Big Conferences" to shrivel up and go away. They might be able to survive for awhile with Texas and a variety of others, but in the current atmosphere, we don't think that would last. But we could be wrong.

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