Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nightowls Rejoice: Tulsa-OSU Finishes At 3:35

In the blessed AM...

After a three-hour weather delay, Oklahoma State beat Tulsa 59-33, but that's not the kicker in all of this...

The game was scheduled to start shortly after 9PM, but didn't kick off until 12:17AM central time ((1:17 Eastern time)) because of three hours' worth of lightning and strong storms.

The NCAA requires a 30-minute cushion to let lightning clear the area before starting the game, and the teams were almost ready to stop the game period, but went ahead and started and finished in front of a few thousand die-hards...

Which does raise the question about: When is too late actually too late...??? And when do you cancel for the sake of cancelling...???

We've seen the MLB folks know when to put in curfews, but should the NCAA put this stuff in play as well...???

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