Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bobby Bowden: I was treated for Prostate Cancer in 2007

Bobby Bowden
((ht: usatoday))

The soon-to-be Hall of Fame former Florida State coach made it public this morning in an interview on Good Morning America. He's a cancer survivor.

Bowden said he was able to keep it hidden from everyone but family since the diagnosis in 2007. He says he was afraid it would be used against him in recruiting.

 Bowden won 377 games in a 33-plus year career and retired, albeit forcefully in 2009. He was diagnosed at age 77.

According to USA Today, Bowden was diagnosed during a routine physical and after undergoing a procedure to help root out the cancer, he has been cancer-free since.

Read the entire USA Today Story RIGHT HERE

We applaud Bowden for finally coming out about what happened, which corresponded with a role as a spokesperson for a national cancer education initiative. It is also amazing in this day and age of instant information, that he was able to keep it quiet for 4-years.

We truly hope he can reach people who wouldn't normally check or get treated for a potential prostate problem to at least get a check up. It's a problem that doesn't take care of itself and far too many people die from it.

The GMA interview is here:

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