Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fox cancels worst football show idea ever

((ht: dr.saturday))

Holy crap! When we first saw this, we thought it was a joke. Or something done by the Onion. But it actually aired on Fox Sports.

The show that aired the story "The College Experience" was immediately canceled after this video leaked out. (Guessing very few people actually saw it on TV). Allegedly, it was a show that aired on Friday's to give an "Offbeat, irreverant" preview of Saturday's football action. (We still don't think anyone would watch this)

Yet strangely, it felt like something that would air on a Fox Network.

The premise was a story done by alleged "Investigative Reporter/supposed comedian Bob Oschack trying to get an "All-American" welcome to the newest teams in the Pac 12, Colorado and Utah.

Oschack went to the USC campus to solicit those welcomes and strangely, everyone in the video was Asian. And they struggled with what he wanted him to say.

Anyway, here's the offending video and let's hope FOX Sports continues to apologize for this because quite honestly, it is offensive.

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