Monday, September 12, 2011

Serena Williams has etiquette issues

And she doesn't seem to get it. Rather, she seems to be convinced that the umpire has something against her.

Here is the set up. Williams, in the process of losing to 9th Seeded Samantha Sosur in the U.S Open finals, tries to psyche herself up in the 2nd game of the second set.

So she hits a strong forehand attack shot and as Sosur attempts to make a return, Williams screams out "Come On!".

And yes, while there are far worse things she could have done, it is a huge etiquette violation and as we found out shortly after, it cost her a point. And we later found it, it cost Williams, her composure..again.

Watch the video here. After she drags out the argument with the umpire, she goes back to playing, only at the 3:00 mark, do we hear her really start going all in on the woman in the umpire chair saying some not-so-nice things about her.

Your video is right here, take a look:

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