Sunday, September 4, 2011

Phillies fans tossed from game for fan interference

The play in question/WPVI-TV

This is, well, a bit odd. And it happened Sunday afternoon at the Philadelphia Phillies versus Florida Marlins game.

Here's the set-up: With Ryan Howard on 1st and Hunter Pence hitting during a tie game in the top of the 6th inning, Pence hits a ball to the right field wall. Florida's rightfielder jumps for it and two Phillies fans sitting in the corner reach over to try and grab it too.

Ball bounces off the wall and Pence rolls into 2nd with what appears to be a ground rule double. Florida manager Trader Jack McKeon didn't see it that way, asks for a review...and gets it.

The umps come out, toss the fans and call Pence out. Charlie Manuel blows a gasket, and he gets tossed out.

Read the whole adventure from Mike Berardino and the Sun-Sentinel RIGHT HERE

Hmmm. We thought the replay rule in baseball was only for home runs. And it appears the Phillies thought the same way. It's unfortunate the fans got tossed for interfering though, they were probably 2 of the 1500 or so actually in attendance at SunLife Stadium.

Okay, it's video of a video on a computer screen, but here's the play in question:

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