Friday, September 16, 2011

Tebow turmoil now on billboard

Tim Tebow
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Apparently Denver Broncos fan Jesse Oaks of Independence, Kentucky has seen enough. Or at least enough of Kyle Orton.

Oaks is adding even more fuel to the Denver quarterback fire by telling the Denver Post that he and seven friends intend to spend $10,000 to buy space on two billboards in downtown Denver that will say Tim Tebow should replace Kyle Orton as the teams QB.


Coach John Fox was asked about it after Thursday's practice, he told the Denver Post, "I've seen a lot of billboards and can't remember one that really influenced me".

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Our question is, why is someone in Independence, Kentucky which is well over 1,000 miles from Denver weighing in on this at all?

Sure, we get that fans have no boundaries. And we get that they all have a right to their opinion, but could Mr. Oaks and his friends not find something better to do with $10,000?

This whole Tim Tebow argument in Denver is, at least to us, stupid. We aren't nearly as polarized about it as so many so-called experts and the fans are. Right now, he doesn't need to get a chance, the Broncos are "1" game into the season.

If, 5 weeks from now, they are 0-5 and heading nowhere, then yeah, the Tebow should get his shot. At some point, he should get the opportunity. No, talking ESPN heads, he isn't a "Traditional" quarterback and he may or may not be successful, but if his team is in the tank then yeah, why not? Give the guy a chance to see what he can do. Despite what the talking ESPN heads think, and yes, I know most are former players and coaches, we don't subscribe to the theory that you must fit into a specific category to be successful. Football is one of those things that you either get it....or you don't. And there is no way to know if Tebow "Gets" it, if he doesn't get the chance.

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