Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scary Nike uniform trend continues.

Mich.St. Uni's./courtesy: msuspartans.com

Can we just go on record here and say we hate Nike? We'll, hate may be a strong word, but we wonder about why, in the chase for the ever elusive merchandising dollar, they've managed to come up with all of these bizarre looking uniforms.

It started this year with Georgia and Boise State, now the trend is just growing.

Michigan State now gets the "Pro Combat" treatment with the uniform you see on the right. And while no, it isn't hideous looking, it looks an awful lot like the University of South Florida. We ask "When did Michigan State add gold to their team colors?"

And there's more.

Ohio State, not wanting to be left out of the mix adds their won "Pro Combat" look. And while not as odd as Michigan State, the helmet looks strikingly similar to what Georgia used.

Their new uni's will make their debut October 29th against Wisconsin. The Buckeye's call it a way to mark the 50th anniversary of their undefeated 1961 championship season.

Like we said at the beginning, we get this is the wave of the future. And more importantly it is a way for Nike and the schools to make a lot more money on merchandise. And we also get that many schools desperately need to update their looks. And we get that alumni and others are not going to like the change in tradition, thought it may be necessary.

We just hope that more of that tradition stays in the new looks (MSU--we're talking to you). We wish that Nike would consider that more when putting these together, but we supposed they don't have to. After all, it's their sandbox, they can do whatever they want.

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