Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayweather decks Ortiz, clean or not?

Mayweather vs. Ortiz
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This question may be debated for awhile, particularly if you are a fan of either boxer.

Let's set the scene:

4th Round of Saturday nights big boxing showdown, Floyd Mayweather versus Victor Ortiz for the WBC Welterweight championship. Late in the 4th round, Ortiz is pummeling Mayweather on the ropes and for some unknown reason head-butts him. Ortiz tries to apologize while being penalized a point for the head-butt. Ortiz steps away and tries to apologize again, when Mayweather clocks him.

The move enraged the crowd at the MGM Grand Hotel, and replays showed Ortiz wasn't looking at Mayweather when he got hit.

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The question is...was it clean? It's somewhat hard to tell and may be a question for a long time. Ortiz, should have known, that while the fight is still going, don't turn away from your adversary. Ever. And yet he did. And while Mayweather may or may not have taken advantage of a questionable period of time, it doesn't appear he did anything illegal.

We might also mention after the fight, Mayweather let loose a profanity filled tirade against HBO Boxing Analyst Larry Merchant. We won't go into too much detail there other than to say, Floyd has a few image problems and that probably won't help them.

Mayweather pocketed a cool $25 million for the fight and we suspect the fight will help rejuvenate his career which had stalled a bit due to several legal issues.

It also, in our opinion will help marginalize boxing, a once proud sport that has support in some circles and still manages to pull of big payday's somehow for it's fighters. It has appeal in certain circles and it works. But when push comes to shove, is it any different these days than professional wrestling?

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