Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just What Every HS Baseball Team Needs, A Stripper Trip...


((HT: KRQE-TV/Albuquerque))

Albuquerque Public Schools fired La Cueva's head baseball coach Stan McKeever ((pictured, thanks KRQE-TV)) Wednesday after a review of allegations of employee misconduct reported to involve strippers and students.

Sources told KRQE News 13 that APS police investigated McKeever for reportedly bringing strippers to a hotel to entertain some players while on a trip to Denver last summer.

Late Wednesday APS released a statement saying its internal investigation is complete and that McKeever is no longer a part of the La Cueva staff.

The parent of one of the players told News 13 everyone lost something from the incident.

"This has been a very difficult time for our family," the parent said. "We thank all our friends in the Albuquerque baseball community for their support and well wishes during this unfortunate circumstance where no one comes out a winner.

"Our hope is that La Cueva and all schools have learned a valuable lesson from this situation, and that safeguards are instituted so that no student athlete is put at risk again."

Here's the story, thanks to our friends at KRQE-TV
Alex Tomlin gets down and dirty for us- allegedly...and gets to talk under the same video the newsroom had over-and-over...along with a full screen...

McKeever can appeal the decision, and substitute teachers have already been grabbed to cover McKeever's classes.

Those of us at OSG HQ wonder what McKeever's classes will be like tomorrow and wonder out loud if any of his players are in them.

You all remember what "substitute teachers" meant when we were all in school...

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