Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not THAT Woody Hayes!!

((ht: fan David Bishop))

Normally, we probably wouldn't present this as a story worthy of posting, but considering the name involved, we couldn't resist.

The Florida State Seminoles made a seemingly innocuous announcement this morning. They announced their new PA guy for home games. The new guy's name? Woody Hayes. Yeah, I know, I had the same smile on my face. We know that Ohio State's Woody Hayes died many years ago, but think of the theoretical irony here.

((FSU Football helmet//Courtesy:

The FSU version is a local radio personality in the Tallahassee area and had been the PA guy for FSU basketball. He apparently got the nod based on the results of a poll on the FSU sports website.

Let's just hope he stays calm during games and doesn't give a forearm shiver to any writers walking by the PA booth. (haha!)

For those unfamiliar with the old school Ohio State version of the man named Woody Hayes, check out this video. Thanks You Tube:

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