Monday, October 25, 2010

Allen Iverson is taking his talents to.....wait for it....Turkey!

Allen Iverson/Courtesy: NBAE/Getty Images
Surprisingly, there wasn't a 60-minute infomercial on ESPN with this announcement. Okay, so it was just a  report on Yahoo Sports, but still.

Former NBA All-star and notorious not-so good guy Allen Iverson appears to have signed a deal to play basketball this season in Turkey.

Read the story from Yahoo Sports...RIGHT HERE

Granted, the deal is heavy on incentives and is only for 2-years. But still we find this story amusing. Yes, we have dealt with Mr. Iverson...well him and his entourage before and came away decidedly unimpressed.

For his part, we don't think that Iverson realizes why it is that nobody in the NBA will touch him so maybe he'll play really well in Istanbul but not Constantinople (80's song by They Might be Giants). We think that Iverson's days are...and have been done.

Of course...not mentioned in the contract much does he have to practice.

Remember this? Thanks YouTube:

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