Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quincy Carter's in Trouble....Again....

Quincy Carter//Courtesy:
Former Georgia, Dallas Cowboys and various minor league football team quarterback Quincy Carter is yet again in trouble with the law.

Carter, last seen as a quarterback in a minor, minor indoor football league in Texas has been arrested...again. This time, it's for beating up his apparent girlfriend in his hometown of Decatur, Georgia.

More on what happened from RIGHT HERE

Carter has been on the proverbial "Downhill Spiral" for years. It appears that rumors of him being clean and sober were greatly exaggerated based on this report.

It's an unfortunate, but not surprising trajectory for a guy once considered a "Can't Miss" prospect. It truly, truly is an example of what can happen if you can't control your demons.

Considering his history, Carter may have some trouble avoiding jail if these accusation are proven true. Quite honestly, it may not be such a bad thing. You keep thinking the guy would get a wakeup call, but it is starting to play out that he'd never pickup the phone.

Here is some video of Carter playing for the Abeline Rough Riders. Thanks YouTube:

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