Sunday, October 17, 2010

TWTW: Mississippi St. beats Florida...state of Florida convinced world is ending....

Urban Meyer is mystified/Courtesy: Matt Stamey/Gainesville Sun
We've made no secret that we aren't fans of the University of Florida. For some of us, it goes back to a childhood of growing up in that part of the world.

So, with that being said, there has been a smile on our faces as the once mighty Gators have fallen on hard times. Three straight losses...three different ways, have shown cracks in the once mighty Gator veneer.

The latest loss, a 10-7 defeat at the hands of Mississippi State. The coach at Miss. State, Dan Mullen, formerly Gator offensive coordinator.

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We think that Urban Meyer may be understating when he says "We aren't very good right now". They aren't. But the expectation level from the fanbase down there is so crazily obscene that anything less than 11-1 is considered a monumental failure. It shouldn't be.

As much as we weren't "Fans" of the Tebow, it's obvious how much they miss him. It's also obvious how much he carried them the past 4 years. For whatever reason, the Gators have not made the adjustments to the personnel that they have. The team was built without a power runner, that hurts them. Defenses have figured out the "Zone Read" and it is obvious that the offense doesn't fit the Quarterback. But they don't have the offense to fit John Brantley.

They have a week off to stew over what happened and come up with a better plan. The question is....are they capable of pulling it off?

Here is some Urban Meyer post game from

Here is some Q and A with John Brantley, also from

We would add some Mississippi State post game here, but nobody in Mississippi State has posted any on the internet...anywhere.

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