Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel...and the walls came down....

We are doing this a day early, due to a busy Wednesday early morning schedule and that whole having to go back to work thing.

Last weeks dozen featured some surprises, some not so much and lots of college football fun. Even though we haven't always picked it, we've been pretty spot on about most teams this season as the cream slowly rises to the top. But don't be surprised if things change...yet again, in the next 4 weeks. And no, the BCS is for morons. We don't even know who half their damn computers belong to, never mind why they have a voice in all this.

So with that being said; in this weeks clip, the Dozen have to fight for their lives as they begin working towards their mission. Thanks for the clip YouTube:

Last week, we again had a pretty damn good week. 13-2, making us 79-14 for the season. I should be in Vegas Jerry, Vegas I tell ya!

With that out of the way...as Casey always says "On with the countdown!".

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Oregon 7-0. Now we get to find out what they've got. No doubt they can score on anyone, but they haven't stopped many people either. We think this week is a trap if we've ever seen one. It really kills us to pick our pal Kiffykins to beat anyone...but he will. This Week: USC 31, Oregon 30  UPSET!!!

2) Boise St. 6-0. We've said week after week that they are the best in all the land. Eventually someone is going to verify what we are saying. They just need to keep holding serve...and they will. This Week: See last weeks picks, where we picked them to beat La.Tech. 51-13

3) Auburn 8-0. Yeah, that was impressive what they did to Les' Damn fine team...Cam Newton is the real deal. But like his 1st version, Tebow, eventually the hits are going to catch up to him. Not this week though, even if it smells like a trap, it's not. This Week: Cam Newton 34, Ole Miss 21

4) TCU 8-0. We keep saying to watch out for these guys. They, like Boise are pretty damn good. You don't want them with time for them to prepare. This Week: TCU 41, UNLV 10

5) Michigan St. 8-0. Props to the fighting D'Antonio's for taking care of business by any means necessary. They seem to be the best of the Big 10/12--at least for now. Eventually, like all Big 10/12 teams they will lose a game they shouldn't. This Week: Michigan St. 28, Iowa 23

6) Utah 7-0. This is the rare MWC team that may be better on D than O. Everything for them will hang on what happens next week, but they better not overlook this weeks game. This Week: Utah 41, Air Force 27

7) Missouri 7-0. Wow! Everyone sure jumped on their bandwagon fast. We think this is a good, not great team. And last week, Oklahoma was proven not to be as good as everyone thought--we said that they weren't. This Week: Nebraska 31, Missouri 28

8) Alabama 7-1. They don't get to be ranked ahead of an undefeated team...yet. They just need to take care of business and let the cards fall where they may. They seemed to get on track again last week. This Week: Alabama 18, LSU 16

9) Nebraska 6-1. We still can't figure out how Texas beat them. Neither can they. They have their destiny in their own hands at this point. Win out, they are in the Big 12/10 Championship...and may be the Big 12/10 Champ. This Week: See #7

10) Ohio St. 7-1. Okay, so we let them creep back in. We just don't think they are all that, but the pollsters...and the computers think they must be because they play in the underachieving Big 10/12. We call "Bullshit". This Week: Ohio St. 43, Minnesota 7

11) Oklahoma 6-1. Ok. We slammed them, then picked them to win last week knowing full well we shouldn't. Our bad. They get points because, well, they are Oklahoma. And aside from Nebraska, nobody else in the Big 12/10 is worth a crap. This Week: Oklahoma 43, Colorado 24

12) Florida St. 6-1. Yes, Jon, I did it. You are cursed now. Thank you very much! It's only because we refuse to put the other alleged contenders in here. We don't believe...in any of them. They'll win the ACC, because nobody else wants to. This Week: FSU 33, NC State 27

The Bottom of the Barrel: 

**Special Congrats to Western Kentucky for taking out 26 games of frustration on TLB's alma mater, Louisiana-Lafayette. If you can beat a decent team 54-27, you graduate from the Bottom of the Barrel.**

5) Florida 4-3. They were here last week, and thankfully, didn't have to score against the bye. So by virtue of being off, they don't get to leave...yet. We are very curious if the week off gave them time to figure out the problems, because everyone else already has. Plus, this is our all-time favorite week for them...and Georgia. This Week: Georgia 37, Florida 35

4) Memphis 1-6. Betcha' thought we forgot about you Barbecue boys...uh...no, hardly. You truly are one of the worst teams in College Football. Despite Fred Smith's best attempts at buying your way into the Big Least, you aren't worthy...and that's saying something. This Week: Houston 51, Memphis 7

3) New Mexico St. 1-6. No, like we said last week, beating New Mexico hardly qualifies you to get out of this. Face it, you just aren't very good. And sadly, you are playing a team this week that's almost as bad. This Week: San Jose St. 3, New Mexico St. 2

2) Akron 0-8. Not a good time to be living in Akron. First you lose hometown boy LeBron James to Miami, then, your only sporting hope turns out to be abysmally bad. The good news is after this week, there are only 3 more losses left. And then it will be winter time. Enjoy the snow! This Week: Temple 37, Akron 10

1) New Mexico 0-7. We seriously are considering them for the Bottom of the Barrel Hall of Fame. Really, what more can we say. Somehow, Mike Locksley is still employed and they continue with what they claim is football. Look at the story we did on the University of New Orleans basketball team, they are far more worthy of staying in Division I than these clowns. This Week: Colorado St. 41, Ron Mexico 6

And with that, we move on to another week. Believe me when I say it was hard to pick Kiffykins to beat Oregon, but this smells like a trap game with USC coming off of a bye and at home. Do you agree with these choices? If not, let us know, we'd be happy to post your picks too.

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