Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Could there be no more cowbell?

A Mississippi St. Cowbell/courtesy: autumnspectacle.com
It appears that Mississippi State's tradition of ringing cowbell's in appreciation...or distraction during football games may be coming to an end.

Apparently the school and the SEC came to some sort of agreement this summer putting restrictions on when the bells could be used. Mississippi State apparently did not stick to the agreement and the SEC is going to heavily fine the school for it.

Read more from the Jackson Clarion-Ledger RIGHT HERE

While we understand the SEC's position on this, we think the whole argument is just plain stupid. And un-necessary. The league has and should be all about its traditions...and like it or not, that's one of them. The teams understand it.

Are they a distraction? Sure. So is a really loud band and crowd. And amplified music. Pretty much every SEC stadium has speakers to amplify cheerleader calls, band music and internal stadium music. Trust us, we've been to almost all of the stadiums. My ears rang for a week after being on the field at South Carolina's Williams-Brice stadium. Not from the crowd noise. From the giant speakers in the corner of the end-zone amplifying the noise.

In the end Mississippi State will lose this argument. They can say all they want that they'll teach fans the proper time for "More Cowbell". But that won't work. Fans will do what fans want to do when they want to do it. The only solution if the SEC considers it a problem, is the one they are headed towards...banning them completely.

Here is some home video of the cowbells from the Auburn/Miss.St. game from September. Thanks YouTube:

And we'd be remiss, if we didn't post the classic SNL Skit....Thanks Funnyordie.com:

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