Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OSG High: Louisville area High School game has wacky finish...

Yep, this one was straight out of the Stanford/Cal playbook from the early '80's...complete with people running out on the field during the play.

Here is the situation (No, not that one)....Pleasure Ridge High School is leading their arch rival, Butler, 41-34 with 1.8 seconds to go. That's when the craziness ensues. Butler gets the kickoff and goes all hook-and-lateral on them...all the way down the field...and....yeah, you guessed it, they score to make it 41-40. They get to go for the extra point, but  Butler coach Scott Carmony goes all in....and goes for two.

Just watch the video, the quality isn't spectacular, but you'll get the idea. Video Courtesy WDRB-Louisville, via WCPO in Cincinnati:

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