Thursday, October 21, 2010

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel....HA!

Just when you think that things are settling in this season....they aren't. The AP and the Coaches poll are doing everything they can to avoid the truth...and obvious. The non-BCS teams are better than the BCS teams. Yeah...I said it.

We weren't surprised that Ohio State lost, much like Alabama the week before and we aren't really sold on a lot of the teams in this weeks dozen either...but there are still 5 weeks or so before the season ends, the to speak, always rises to the top. And no, we don't get the BCS polling system. Why do they just give random guys who know how to program a computer a voice in this?

In this weeks clip, the team gets to socialize with the local women...something we hope none of our teams are least until the season ends.

Last week: 12-3 (we had 2 games on the board that were bye weeks...sorry). Overall, 66-12

So in the immortal words of Casey Kasem..."It's on with the countdown"...

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Oregon 6-0. Yes, they are #1 in the land...for now. We think they are pretty damn good on offense, we question the D. We think the big test will be next week against USC, nobody else in the PAC 10/12 is good enough. This Week: Oregon 47, UCLA 23 (last week's pick)

2) Boise St. 6-0. They just need to keep holding serve. It doesn't matter if they don't play an elite schedule. They'd be good in any other conference. In fact, we'll go as far to say they'll win their BCS game because it won't be the title game. The power conferences won't have it. This Week (Tues) Boise St. 51, La. Tech 13

3) Oklahoma 6-0. The BCS says they are #1. We call bullshit. They are a top 5 team for sure, but not #1. They are lucky they haven't lost yet. Unfortunately their only test left is at the end of the year at Okie St. This Week: Oklahoma 34, Mizzou (overrated) 13

4) TCU 7-0. They are stuck here. Wish that would change, but it won't. We still say that nobody wants anything to do with them. This Week: TCU 37, Air Force 27

5) Michigan St. 7-0. This is the one Big 10/12 team that we like. They are pretty well rounded and seem to be tough. Whether they can beat a top 10 team outside the Big 10/12 remains to be seen. This Week: Michigan St. 28, Northwestern 23

6) Auburn 7-0. Yeah, Cam Newton is pretty good. Yeah, they can score. But...they better learn how to play defense. Fast. There are 3 tough games left. This Week: Auburn 12, LSU 6

7) Utah 6-0. No, they aren't ranked too high here. Really. They've earned it. They are a really good team. They have one major game left...against TCU. This Week: Utah 44, Colorado St. 13

8) LSU 7-0. Eventually, the devil is going to ask Les Miles for an out to their deal. This is a bad offensive team, but decent defensive team that has had an ungodly amount of luck. That's why we think Les sold his soul for his "Damn fine football team". This Week: See #6

9) Alabama 6-1. We still wonder if they were exposed against South Carolina or it was just a fluke. It might be somewhere in between. Even if they win out, they are going to need some help. We're not sure they will. This Week: Alabama 27, Tennessee 13

10) Wisconsin 6-1. Nice win last week by Bucky. But Ohio State was overrated too. These guys are the prototypical Big 10/12 team. Good enough to beat the conferences best, but not good enough to always beat the worst. This Week: Iowa 31, Wisconsin 21

11) Oklahoma St. 6-0.  One of the better teams that nobody is paying attention to. The fighting Gundy's are MEN, but they struggle a bit on defense. Sure can throw the ball though. Look for the magic to end soon. This Week: Nebraska 27, Okie St. 23

12) Stanford 6-1. Again, they are a typical Pac 10/12 team. Good, not great. And no, they aren't very good on defense either. But they win. And that counts for something. This Week: Stanford 48, Wash. St. 18

The Bottom of the Barrel: 

5) Florida 4-3. Because we can. Just like we did with Georgia a couple of weeks ago. We wonder when  they will realize that John Brantley is a dropback QB in a spread offense (think square peg--round hole). They've got a week...before seeing Georgia. This Week: Bye

4) Akron 0-7. Giving new meaning to the term "Zip". Good thing they only have 5 games left. And Western KY and New Mexico suck even worse. This Week: Western Mich. 34, Akron 12

3) New Mexico St. 1-5. They beat New Mexico. Big whoop. Even if the two combined, they'd still be one of the worst teams in the history of Division 1 football. This Week: Idaho 35, NM State 10

2) Western Kentucky 0-6. Somehow they were able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory last week.  Up 24-7 after 3 quarters, they gave up a 28-spot in the 4th. And they lose again. This Week: La. Laffayette 37, WKY 21

1) New Mexico 0-6. The champ is here! The champ is here! Only reason they can say that because they truly are....the worst team in college football. Mike Locksley we still don't understand how you are employed. This Week: San Diego St. 43, New Mexico 12

Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy week so far. Do you agree with these? Or not? Tell us! We'd like to know....

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