Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UNO prepares for move to D-III from D-I

Coach Pasternack at practice//courtesy: michael democker/nola.com
You kind of feel for the folks at the University of New Orleans and their coach Joe Pasternack. For that matter we aren't sure if we've ever heard of something like this happening. The University of New Orleans will make the move from NCAA Division I to Division III next season. However, they still have to get through 1 more year in Division I.

UNO this year, will feature 1 scholarship player.

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While we understand the UNO administrations logic for the move, we empathize with the coach and his players. They still have to play a D-I schedule with a bunch of cast-offs, walk-ons and transfers who don't need the scholarships.

The Privateers will still play a somewhat full schedule and have, the past couple of years been a serious threat in the Sun-Belt conference. We aren't sure that will happen again.

Coach Pasternack, we are cheering for your guys. We hope you have a successful season and maybe even make a post-season tournament. Best of luck to you this year.

Check out this 2009 Promotional Video for Season ticket holders. Thanks leffleragency/YouTube:

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