Monday, October 25, 2010

Bengie Molina wins no matter who wins the World Series

Bengie Molina/Courtesy:
Sometimes, everything just rolls your way. We don't recall any situations recently like the one facing former San Francisco Giant and current Texas Ranger catcher Bengie Molina.

If you aren't sure what we are talking about, think about the previous sentence. If you still don't know, well, that means Molina played for both of your World Series teams this year.

In fact, he played long enough for the Giants that should they guessed it, he'd get a World Series ring.

Conversely, if the Rangers win...well, Bengie still will be getting a World Series ring.

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Molina story non-withstanding, we are actually looking forward to this years series. First off, none of the "Unlimited Budget" teams are playing in it. That unto itself, reinforces what we feel strongly about....that money can't always buy you happiness, or a title. There is something to be said for having a good team...with guys in it for the team rather than the money.

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