Monday, October 25, 2010

LeBron's interesting Nike commercial

LeBron James//Courtesy:
Though we face the risk of drawing the ire of brother Jon for posting this, we found this too interesting to just leave alone.

No, we've been on the record saying how appalled we were by the whole LeBron/ESPN "Decision" infomercial and in fact mock it every chance we get. However, unlike some other critics, we do respect his right to go play for another team.

It's never been about the what...or really the why, but rather the how he did it that infuriated us...along with most of the rest of the sports world, particularly the people of Cleveland whom he humiliated for 60 minutes. We don't know why he couldn't just go to Miami, have his press conference there and say he decided that he needed a change.

To his credit he has admitted he could've handled it better. the same time, rather than just let it go away...he keeps bringing the whole issue up...again and again.

With that in mind, check out this interesting Nike spot. As usual it is a top-flight production and LeBron says some interesting things. But the main reason for posting this.....they found Don Johnson!

Take a look. Thanks Nikebasketball/YouTube:

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