Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bobby Johnson Retires As Vanderbilt Head Coach

Vanderbilt head football coach Bobby Johnson is retiring effective the end of July.

"After much thought and consideration with everyone involved I will be retiring from college coaching. I will not coach in 2010 season." Johnson said at a news conference.

"I'm retiring for personal reasons and Vanderbilt has been special in my life."

Assistant head coach/offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell was named interim head coach. There was speculation that Johnson was stepping down for health reasons. That is not the case, instead, Johnson is ready to move on to another phase in his life.

"Football is not life but it’s a way of life." Johnson said. "It consumes your life. Some guys will coach one foot in the coffin. I want to do some other things."

Johnson said just had the best recruiting class since he's been at Vanderbilt coming in and feels his leaving the program in good hands.

There is no forced resignation or clashing with his boss, Vice Chancellor David Williams. Bobby Johnson just realized that he finished with the coaching profession and wants to pursue other interests. Johnson had had enough of the late nights in the office trying to stop Florida's offense or finding ways to attack Alabama's defense.

It didn't help matters that Johnson coached at the SEC's ultimate homecoming opponent however during his tenure with Vandy the Commodores were not an automatic "W" in the SEC.

After eight years of living in the SEC football culture Johnson has had enough. It's time to slow down spend some time with his wife Catherine and enjoy some extended down time.

Judging from his press conference, Johnson is at total peace with his decision.

Photo Courtesy: The Tennessean

Here's his opening statement, thanks to our friends at WTVF-TV/Newschannel5

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