Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DEVELOPING STORY: Victim In UT Brawl Comes Forward; Rogers Named In Assault, Denies Charge

((HT: GoVolsXtra- Hickman, Jacobs, Stambaugh/WBIR-TV)) The Knoxville Police Department released two more reports on the Bar Knoxville assault case Tuesday.

One is bad for the prize recruit Da'Rick Rogers, the other is still trying to figure out who kicked and beat an off-duty KPD officer.

We're working a few different stories at the same time here... bear with us...

KPD was called to Bar Knoxville to investigate an assault. They were told by an "Ian Cox" that he had tried "to detain the suspect (Rogers) for another assault that had taken place on the sidewalk."

From GoVolsXtra and the incident report:
Cox told officers that Rogers "pushed him and attempted to hit him while attempting to stop Rogers from leaving," the report states, but "Cox had no injuries and was adamant about not prosecuting."

"While trying to detain Rogers, officers briefly struggled with him, but (he) was later taken into custody without further incident," the report states.

Rogers has not, to date, been charged with any assault.

The incident report on the assault of KPD officer Robert Capouellez still is tied to an unidentified male aged 18-to-30...

Vol Chase Nelson is accused of starting a fight with 20-year-old bar patron Gary Russell. This is, according to the timeline, the first incident that started all the others. Russell tells Chris Low, in his ESPN piece, that he can only positively identify Denarius Moore and Montori Hughes in the case.

Hughes' lawyer has denied his client starting anything and only acted when provoked...

WBIR caught up with Chris Low, who interviewed Russell...
Kris Budden got to sit at the edge of the adult table for a long VO...

Here's Heather Haley's report from our friends at WVLT-TV

Here's the pending KPD report on Bar Knoxville
Here's the pending UTPD report on Bar Knoxville

2245 UPDATE: This comes as no surprise... Rogers, through his lawyers, denies any and all involvement in the case at Bar Knoxville...

The Bosch Law Firm released the following statement:

This office represents Da'Rick Rogers concerning the allegations and charges occurring on July 9, 2010.

Da'Rick adamantly denies any claims by the alleged victim that he assaulted him or any one else that evening.

He did not, in any way, assault anyone at anytime that evening or in the early morning.

Da'Rick will address the allegations in his misdemeanor warrants at the appropriate time and looks forward to demonstrating his innocence as it relates to those charges. He has done nothing wrong and the public and media accounts about his behavior have in large part, been inaccurate.

No further statements will be made at this time

Obviously, if the Bosch firm feels media statements have been inaccurate (in large part), it would have been nice to know exactly which statements fall into that category. And the HQ looks forward to seeing the demonstration of Rogers' innocence by Rogers in something resembling open court...

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