Friday, July 23, 2010

SEC Picks their winner...


To the surprise of a very few, the writers covering SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama have picked their winners. As far as we know, no agents were involved in this story.

Strangely, though there were close to 1,000 alleged media types in attendance, only 177 actually participated in the vote and....drum roll are the results: (and remember who is voting, take these as you will)

SEC Champ: Alabama

SEC East Champ: Florida
SEC West Champ: Alabama

SEC East Standings (Predicted): (1st place votes in parenthesis)

1. Florida (153 votes)
2. Georgia (15 votes)
3. South Carolina (8 votes)
4. Kentucky
5. Tennessee
6. Vanderbilt (1 vote?)

SEC West Standings (Predicted)

1. Alabama (157 votes)
2. Arkansas (6 votes)
3. Auburn (10 votes)
4. LSU (1 vote)
5. Mississippi St.
6. Ole Miss (3 votes)

This more or less is the way the teams have been picked each of the past few years. The surprises...Tennessee at 5 in the East, LSU 4th in the west. If that happens, there will be an awful lot of angst in Knoxville and Baton Rouge. That might be kind of fun.

No list would be complete without the....wait for it...the All-SEC Team: (We will only list 1st teamers here)

QB- Ryan Mallet (Ark)
RB- Mark Ingram (Ala)
RB- Trent Richardson (Ala)
WR- AJ Green (UGA)
WR- Julio Jones (Ala)
TE- DJ Williams (Ark)
OL- Lee Ziemba (Aub)
OL- Barrett Jones (Ala)
OL- Clint Boling (UGA)
OL- James Carpenter (Ala)
C- Mike Pouncey (Fla)

DL- Marcell Dareus (Ala)
DL- Jerrell Powe (Ole Miss)
DL- Cliff Matthews (S.Car)
LB- Dont'a Hightower (Ala)
LB- Kelvin Sheppard (LSU)
LB- Josh Byrnes (Aub)
LB- Brandon Hicks (Fla)
DB- Mark Barron (Ala)
DB- Patrick Peterson (LSU)
DB- Ahmad Black (Fla)
DB- Stephon Gilmore (S. Car)

PK- Blair Walsh (UGA)
P- Drew Butler (UGA)
RS- Derrick Locke (Ky)
AP- Randall Cobb (Ky)

A couple of interesting notes. One, the lack of Florida players on the 1st team and the abundance of Alabama players. We will add here that the event is held in Alabama and there are 3 times more Alabama media members than anyone else that attend this. We aren't saying there is a tilt, the Tide may be that good, we are just making an observation, in part because we have attended the SEC Lovefest a few times are ownselves.

If you want to see the whole list, follow the link RIGHT HERE

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