Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OSG Sports: It's Time to Kick Paul Finebaum out of the SEC

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At the risk of starting a war...we...well, getting increasingly tired of overfed, overblown, egotistical, hanging on in a dying world of newspaper columnists who just try crapping on everyone's parade...because they can.

What we...ahhmmm, I am speaking of is Paul Finebaum, an alleged columnist, radio host and spewer of venom.

At this point, you and hopefully he are asking, what was said to piss you off? The answer: Not one thing...several.

The last would be this, calling for Vanderbilt's exorcism from the SEC, read it on RIGHT HERE

Since, if he reads this, he undoubtedly will hammer on me not using proper AP style...or grammar among other things, we will first dissect the lack of logic...or knowledge in this story. We will be undoubtedly dubbed a stupid internet website, so what? Are we SEC insiders? No. We don't have to be.

First off, premise wise, this is an argument that needed to be made back...oh...say 10 years ago. Is Vandy ever going to be an SEC powerhouse? No. Are they competitive? Over the past 3 years they have been.

Secondly, applying the logic used here, the SEC also needs to get rid of Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Kentucky. Aside from Ole Miss' nice run at the end of the 2008 season and yes, we do know that each...including Vandy has had a bowl game season during this time period, none will ever win the SEC. According to this logic, they must be banished.

Yes, we know that Vandy plays in a crappy stadium and yes, we know that it is often filled with fans from the other teams. But, not every team can be Alabama now, can they? Using the logic here, the LA Clippers should have been banished from the NBA years ago. Same for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. There are teams in almost every NCAA Football conference that suck, it's a fact of life.

I'll wrap things up by saying this. Folks in Alabama and in many cases the "Old-school" newspaper writers seem to have this perception that the college football...or more specifically the SEC universe revolves around them. To this, Yeah, sure, its great that Alabama has been back on top the past couple of years. Lest we forget that you sold your souls to get the Great Saban to be the coach/savior.

Yes, we know there really isn't anything else to support or back in the state. We get that. Really. And we know that the people there can't understand why it isn't like that in other places. Contrary to the opinion of most who cover SEC football for a living and yes a large chunk of the fans too, there is more to life than what happens on 12 Saturdays a year. Really...there is. Lighten up, you are taking things too seriously, way too seriously.

Here is a highly produced video for Vandy football. Thanks You Tube:


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised someone other than Tommy Charles---a popular radio talk show host here in Birmingham--hasn't kicked that bald headed jackass all over the place. He is a canker on society. If I ever meet the bastard face to face, I will promptly knee him in the gonads---if he has any. AUBIGJOE

Anonymous said...


As long as we get the picture of you doing it, go right ahead...

Sounds like fun...

The HQ

Anonymous said...

Just read this, looking for anyone who will take on this idiot. I am an Alabama fan, life long, and I can't stand the garbage, ghetto, trash, Jerry Springer filth that this guy spews into the sports talk around Alabama on a daily basis. I have done everything possible to not listen to the soap opera, he said/she said mess that gets spewed on that show by his hand picked actors, while NO SPORTS are ever discussed. When he gets a relevant sports question, he says he doesn't really know, and moves on to some hillbilly talking bad about another caller. We have quality, ethical, good people on the radio in Birmingham (D&B), that talk clean, real sports. There are thousands of Alabama & Auburn fans that would pay good money to never hear from this jerk again. Who can help?