Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rose And Bench Bury The Hatchet...?

((HT: WCPO-TV Cincinnati))

Two weeks ago in Los Angeles, the first steps may have been taken by Pete Rose and Johnny Bench to patch up holes in the issues that have separated the two from associating since 1989.

Pete, apparently, apologized to Johnny for "putting him through a lot" and, with his 69th birthday approaching, wants to make some kind of amends. Bench suggested as a next step to apologize to their longtime friend and attorney, Reuven Katz. Rose went up to Katz at a Reds game earlier this week and said "Hello" to him for the first time in decades. There was no immediate apology, but it seems the first steps were taken...

Rose also told Bench that he now knows what Bart Giamatti meant when he told him that he had to "reconfigure his lifestyle."

Here's Dennis Janson with the details... or is it "details...?"

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