Thursday, July 29, 2010

Owens already in just started...

T.O being T.O//Courtesy: thehollywood
Gee, the T.O/Cincinnati Bengals engagement is off to a rousing start. Mr. T.O, being the diligent, team-based guy that he is, has already gotten off to a great start with his new team.

For whatever reason, he was scheduled to be on a red-eye flight from California to Cincinnati that was supposed to arrive at just before 7am Wednesday morning. From there it was supposed to be an escorted, hour long drive south to the Bengals Training Camp in Georgetown, Kentucky.

One problem. He missed the flight.

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He is now supposed to be arriving in the afternoon.

What is interesting here, and we can say this now that we are in the satellite HQ in Cinci, is that he is being treated like a savior here for the most part. Nobody can argue he is a talented dude...when he feels like it. But there within lies the rub. He doesn't always feel like it.

Sure, if motivated, he, on paper should be a good fit with Chad...Ochocinco. Yeah, the fact that Carson Palmer is his QB instead of a rookie or lesser QB will help. But the question is, how will he behave.

We've seen over and over again that he is essentially a spoiled diva who will lash out when he isn't happy. That overshadows everything he's done on the field which is a shame. Unfortunately he at this point seems to not have listened to anyone who has tried to tell him this. Act like a mature adult. Play the game well. Be a good, dependable teammate and he'd be surprised just how much love he would get.

Check out this video of Mr. T.O playing hoops...and getting totally posterized....Thanks and You Tube:

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