Friday, July 30, 2010

DEVELOPING: Is NASCAR heading to Kentucky?

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NASCAR has made no secret about wanting to do some things to "Shake the Tree".

Attendance is down and so are the TV ratings. The guys who run the sport are at least aware of the problem and are trying some things to bring the excitement back.

One thing they are looking at is changing the schedule and/or the rotation of tracks.

Enter Speedway Motorsports and its chairman, Bruton Smith. Smith recently purchased the Kentucky Speedway, located in Sparta which is in the northern part of the state, between Cincinnati and Louisville.

Smith has called a press conference for August 10th, to make what he called a "A big press conference" to discuss a lot of things including some changes at the track.

More on Smith from NKY and RIGHT HERE

We can only, at this point, speculate as to what the announcement is. Kentucky Speedway already has been hosting the Nationwide Series, there isn't much left other than NASCAR. However, in order for the Speedway to be prepared for the race, they'll have to add another 30,000 or so seats, something Smith has gone on record as saying can be done in just a couple of months.

What it does mean is that someone or some track is losing a race. We don't at this point know which track that is though there are more than a few suspects. Start with New Hampshire or perhaps Pocono, maybe add Dover and quite possibly Atlanta which has had its share of attendance issues.

All in all, prepare for change in 2011. NASCAR isn't going to stand pat, the question is what they want to do. It sounds like by August 10th, we'll know.

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