Sunday, August 1, 2010

Speed Racer has nothing on Tyreke Evans

We first told you about Tyreke Evans' attempt at driving fast back on June 1. READ THIS.

Now, flash forward two months turns out there is video of said incident. And it doesn't paint a very good picture...other than the fact that his car can go fast and he's good at avoiding traffic, cops and everyone least for a few minutes. Yes, if you look at the video, it would appear that he is racing.

The newspaper story from the Sacramento RIGHT HERE

The video proof...well, here you go, it's 13 minutes long. Judge for your own self. Thanks YouTube:

Needless to say, this probably is making the Maloof brothers a bit nervous. They own the Sacramento Kings. The good news, Evans was very contrite and apologetic. He seems to understand he did something really stupid. Let's hope its the last time.

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