Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fay Vincent doesn't like Selig's decision to let Reds honor Rose...

Pete Rose/Courtesy:
Wow! Such strong language from a former Major League Baseball commissioner about the current Major League Baseball commissioner.

On the heels of Bud Selig last week granting the Cincinnati Reds request to honor Pete Rose on the 25th anniversary of Rose setting baseball's all-time hit record, former commissioner Fay Vincent was a little less than pleased about the decision.

Vincent told the New York Post that "When the keeper of the Rules does not enforce the Rules, there are no rules". An interesting quote.

The whole story from the New York Post is RIGHT HERE

This whole subject is of some interest here in the Northern office due to our proximity to the aforementioned baseball team. We understand both Vincent and Selig's position on this and the Reds for their part didn't do anything wrong by asking.

Ironically, Rose won't be able to be there on the actual day of the anniversary, he has a previous engagement with a Casino in Southeastern Indiana that particular day.

Interpret that one however you'd like.

Enjoy this old clip on Pete, getting into a fight with Bud Harrelson, then of the New York Mets. Thanks YouTube:

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