Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kroenke finally gets full ownership of the Rams...

Kroenke//Courtesty: Brian Bahr/Getty
After 16-plus years as a minority owner of the St.Louis Rams, gazillionaire Stan Kroenke, finally has ownership of a football team in St. Louis.

The NFL's finance committee gave the big O.K to Kroenke taking over things after he agreed to give his stake in the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets to his son Josh.

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It's interesting that Kroenke finally will be getting ownership of the team. Despite some consternation from the folks in St.Louis that the team could be a candidate for relocation back to Los Angeles, we don't see that happening.

Though Kroenke's other team holdings are in Denver, remember this. Back in 1994, when the NFL was going through the last round of expansion, Kroenke tried to step in and push the heavily favored St. Louis bid forward and very nearly walked away with the team. Having been at the aforementioned meeting, I can tell you he was close enough to getting it that there were t-shirts printed, I saw them.

Anyway, enough of my old war stories from is more on what happened today. Thanks

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