Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God Help us all, Nick Saban now has his own movie....

This isn't a joke/courtesy:
If this isn't a surefire sign of the apocolypse, I don't know what is. This past Tuesday night in Birmingham, Alabama fans/crazy people were treated to the debut of a new movie. That movie...Nick Saban: Gamechanger.

Yes, you read that correctly, Nick Saban agreed to allow a Memphis based production company to do his life movie form.

Kevin Scarabinsky of the Birmingham News previewed the premier...RIGHT HERE

And Hal Yeager from the same paper did a photo story...see it RIGHT HERE

One of the numerous funny parts of this story was the part about Saban not being able to attend his premier, instead, a cardboard cutout played the part of the Alabama football coach. (Try and refrain from the obvious joke here)

I'm sorry, knowing how fanatically obsessive the fans in Alabama are about their football and knowing how they worship the very ground that Saban walks on, this whole thing creeps me out.

The big question, at least to us is, why? There are no real answers and we just for the life of us can imagine him being forthcoming about some of the more highly controversial moves in his career. Maybe we are wrong, but we doubt it.

Rather than pontificate further, we'll let you see the trailer and if you want to see the movie yourselves, by all means do so and judge it that way.

Here it is, courtesy of Flashlight Media Group:

Nick Saban : Gamechanger from Flashlight Media Group on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

lol...creepy? yes...will I watch the movie?...I hate to say it, but yes I will. I don't worship the ground Saban walks on, but it definitely feels good to have Bama back on top. Roll Tide!