Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stafon Johnson Disclocates Ankle In Pre-Season Debut

Titans running back, and ex-USC'er, Stafon Johnson was hit high and spun around by Seattle's Kam Chancellor following a short reception on the final play of the third quarter. He then landed hard on his right leg, just around the right fibula.

Then, the ankle went a direction it wasn't supposed to go...

The Titans came out onto the field and prayed on one knee nearby as head coach Jeff Fisher held Johnson’s head and talked to him briefly. The running back was driven off the field while seated on the back of a cart. An air cast was on his lower right leg.

The Titans’ Twitter feed said the initial diagnosis is a dislocated right ankle

"I was just so sorry to see Stafon get hurt," Pete Carroll said after the game. "This was a guy that had to undergo so much physical pressure and mental pressure. It looked bad, and he was very broken up by it. I know that (Tennessee coach) Jeff (Fisher) thinks the world of Stafon and if anybody can get back, he can.

"He's an absolute warrior. He will do it. He's done it before under worse circumstances, and this will be a challenge for him."

“It’s very, very difficult for Stafon,” Coach Fisher said. “With what he’s been able to overcome, you could see by the reaction of his teammates that he’s a special young man. He’ll overcome this as well.”

More when we know more...

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