Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wrestler "Lance Cade" Dead At 29

((HT: Observer))

Lance McNaught, otherwise known as Lance Cade and/or Garrison Cade, died of apparent heart failure in San Antonio. According to family, McNaught had been having trouble breathing as early as Tuesday night. He was taken to a local-area hospital where, after observation, he was released Wednesday.

McNaught apparently died at his father's home Friday. He was 29.

McNaught was recognized for his eventual work with Dick Murdoch's son, Trevor, in the WWE. Their tag-team had a successful run as heels combined with McNaught/Cade's role as Chris Jericho's muscle were highlights until his release in 2008.

Here's highlights from McNaught/Cade's work... The Redneck Wrecking Crew...
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The HQ sends their thoughts and prayers to another family affected by the drive to be successful in a fairly, heartless business...

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