Monday, August 30, 2010

Roger Clemens won't let his Federal Arraignment deter him from golfing....

Clemens swearing to Congress/Courtesy: Simon Bruty/
It must be nice to be a multi-millionaire celebrity or former athlete.

Roger Clemens, facing a federal indictment on 6 felony counts including lying to Congress, is scheduled to be arraigned early Monday afternoon.

That unto itself is a big deal. Not only as a big story, but for most people, that would indicate that there is a really good chance you may be in a bit of trouble.

Well, not our pal Roger. Sure, he'll be in Washington to face a judge in federal court. But as soon as that formality is over, it's time to get on a private jet and fly to Myrtle Beach so he can be in a golf tournament. No, we aren't making this up.

More details on the Rocket's adventures from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

Well. It's good to know that Roger is concerned about all of this. Granted, like we said, it is a formality. Just an opportunity for a judge to say "Do you understand these charges?" But, it is still a pretty big deal so we probably should not try and judge here, rather...just read the story and judge for yourself.

If this trial really happens, it's going to get ugly. Fast. The last thing that anyone should want is a circus around this. Heck, we would wager that the New York Yankees especially would want this done since if it goes to trial, Andy Pettite will be a central character to the drama.

Here is some video of Clemens' opening statement when he testified to Congress back in 2008. Thanks C-Span and YouTube:

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