Monday, August 16, 2010

Jose Canseco back in baseball....No we aren't kidding

Jose the Locker//courtesy: Laredo Broncos
This...was way too funny to pass up. Just when you thought Jose Canseco had finally disappeared from public view for good....he returns.

We wish we were making this up, but the now 46-year old failed MMA fighter/MLB player has resurfaced as the benchcoach/Designated Hitter for the Laredo Broncos of the independent United League Baseball. Okay, are you laughing yet?

Read more from a press release by the team that's on their website RIGHT HERE

God, we couldn't make this up, the title of the web story on the team's site: The Biggest Signing in Independent Baseball History: Jose Canseco signs with the Laredo Broncos. Oh and did we mention that because Jose is such a "Family Guy", he'll be holding a baseball camp shortly after he arrives in Laredo.

Apparently along with his coaching and DH duties, our hero will be attempting to film a yet unnamed reality TV show. (Shocker). Oh...did we mention that according to several reports, Canseco is supposedly broke.

We suspect that to the people of Laredo this isn't quite such a big deal either, but it won't be for lack of an attempt to market. We should add that apparently the team is battling with the city of Laredo about a new stadium too. Does this all sound as not so coincidental to you as it does to us?

Enjoy your story on our hero from your friends at Pro 8 News (Can't say I've ever heard a station branded like that...thought it was a joke...or a pop-up ad):

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