Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chan Gailey gets mad at Bills hecklers

Chan Gailey yells back at fans/courtesy: wgrz.com
Wow! We knew Chan Gailey was protective of his players and we knew he had a bit of a temper in him but we've got to applaud him for his actions today at Buffalo Bills practice.

Gailey decided after practice to go address a small group of younger, alleged Buffalo fans who were taunting his players...in particular Quarterback Trent Edwards during practice.

Here is a little more about what happened from WIVB.com RIGHT HERE

We like this on several levels though probably not nearly as much as Gailey's players did.

We understand that fans have a right to boo and voice there displeasure with players. But there is a time and/or limit to what should be said. If they aren't performing or are griping about things then yeah, we are okay with that. But that doesn't sound like what happened here.

If you are a so-called "Super-fan" and you take things too personally, which a lot of fans do, then don't come to the games or practices. Nobody is making you come.

Much the same as a "Fan" wouldn't like it if someone starting making personal insults about them and their family while they were hunched over a computer at their desks, athletes deserve some of that same respect. We aren't saying that you have to cheer for them all the time...you don't. But be respectful. You don't need to call them anything you wouldn't want to be called yourself.

Too often the stands at a football game are to rude and crude for a family to go to. There is not a really good reason for that.

Coach Gailey, we applaud you for taking a stand. We'll see how well it goes over with everyone else.

Here is your video proof. Thanks WIVB-TV:

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