Friday, August 13, 2010

Pastor Ends "Demon" Mascot Protests

((HT: 13WMAZ-TV Macon, GA))

Pastor Donald Crosby says his group is no longer going to protest the Warner Robins High School "Demon" mascot.

"Those who needed the message, got the message," said Crosby.

Crosby and about 50 others protested outside the high school Friday morning. They stood within the parameters set by the city's protesting ordinance, and went at it for about 30 minutes.

Some students stopped for a moment to take pictures but most continued to walk to class.

One student yelled, "It's just a mascot"

Crosby was arrested earlier in the week for disorderly conduct after having ((and using)) a bullhorn and protesting without a permit...

Here's some of the video from the scene from our friends at WMAZ...

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