Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ickey Woods' Son Dies From Asthma Attack

((HT: WXIX-TV Cincinnati))

The son of Bengals running back Ickey Woods, 16 year-old Jovante "Joe" Woods died after being on life support since Wednesday.

A junior at Cincinnati-Princeton High School, the younger Woods was on the football and track teams and carried a 3.8 GPA.

During a press conference Saturday night, AD Scott Kaufman says Woods went 30 minutes without oxygen due to an asthma attack. That lack of oxygen caused swelling in his brain, which led to brain damage. He was put on a ventilator at a local hospital.

Tests were performed Saturday and those results showed no improvement or activity in his brain since Wednesday. He died shortly after the final test was performed when he was taken off the ventilator.

Kaufman says when he left the hospital, Joe Woods' parents told him, "God has a plan."

Saturday night, the family released that their son was an organ donor.
Princeton Football held a scrimmage Saturday with school starting Monday and counselors will be on hand if needed. Funeral arrangements have not been released.

Fox19's Rontina McCann was outside the high school...

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