Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dallas area High School QB may be skirting the rules

While scanning the vastness of the internets for stories tonight, we stumbled across this interesting read out of Dallas. The quarterback of one of the areas biggest football factories, may be ruled ineligible, due to either a goof up...or trying to avoid eligibility rules.

The player in question, Daxx Garmin apparently, had lived in Oklahoma where there were some issues related to where he lived. The report, by Dallas TV station WFAA says that though Garmin and his family now say they reside in the Southlake school district. They apparently have a home there. However the report says still have ties to their previous home in Oklahoma.

Here is a text version of the WFAA story, read it RIGHT HERE

Here is a bit more from the Dallas Morning News...READ HERE

The school district release their own statement read it...RIGHT HERE

There are a lot of strong opinions in the Dallas area about this story. There should be. The skirting of the rules is not uncommon, particularly with kids who have the potential to be star athletes. We aren't implicating or saying that the Garmin family did anything wrong, they may not have. But the question is legitimate and when you read the background and see the TV story it makes you wonder.

The investigative story from WFAA is here, judge for yourselves:

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