Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trouble for Michael Jordan's sons is just beginning....

Marcus Jordan/File
We said it before and we'll say it again...just like the commercials say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Most of us have heard that...right?

Apparently Michael Jordan's sons missed the message. As OSG Sports reported on August 23rd, Marcus and Jeffery Jordan brought a UCF teammate with them to daddy's fantasy basketball camp in Vegas. And then proceeded to use Twitter to talk about the oh...$50 thousand they spent...in one day. And did we mention they talked about Marcus drinking and gambling...despite being only 19?

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is now investigating exactly what happened in their Aria suite at the City Center (MGM Hotel).

Read more from Norm! of the Las Vegas Journal Review RIGHT HERE

We still think that the NCAA isn't done with the UCF basketball players. Look at the facts here. Yeah, sure, Michael's boys probably had the money and daddy was willing to blow it on them. But they brought a teammate who we know can't possibly afford that kind of spending. Is that not a violation of the NCAA rules on gifts?

Michael, we hope, has blasted his boys for their stupidity in posting this on Twitter. Do they not realize that people actually pay attention to that site? Chances are they would have had the "Rich Persons" weekend in Vegas and nobody would be the wiser, since it shouldn't have been posted anywhere.

If the NCAA has any balls...and we aren't sure that they do, they will launch an investigation here. Stay tuned...we will.

Here is some video of Marcus doing what daddy did well during his NBA career (no, not gambling). Thanks ballislifedotcom and You Tube:

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