Friday, August 27, 2010

Pete Rose has advice for Roger Clemens...

Pete Rose/File
By now, most of us know what is going on with Roger Clemens. He is due to be arraigned on Monday for charges that he lied to Congress about steroids. That unto itself promises to be a hell of a spectacle.

On the heels of this comes word that of all people, Pete Rose, has some words of advice for the aforementioned Mr. Clemens. In an interview, he tells ESPN that Clemens should just tell the truth and admit what he did, but also adds, he thinks Clemens will stubbornly refuse to do that.

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We actually, in this instance, agree with Rose about this. While Clemens maintains his innocence, the evidence to the contrary is pretty overwhelming. We aren't saying that Clemens is guilty...we wouldn't convict him before his's going to take one hell of a legal effort to prove his innocence.

What Rose says is true. Rose is still paying the price for being stubborn. The Reds, just got the ok from the league to honor the day he broke the all-time hit record, and even that has some controversy attached.

Either way, we look forward to seeing what happens. Stay tuned. Monday should be fun.

Here is why Mr. Clemens is in trouble in the 1st place. Thanks YouTube:

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