Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jay Mariotti is in a bit of trouble...

You might be asking yourself...who is Jay Mariotti? Well, Jay Mariotti is a sports columnist on and frequent contributor to an obscenely horrible ESPN TV show called "Around the Horn".

Mariotti, was arrested in Los Angeles after allegedly getting into an argument with his girlfriend at a club. (shock)

More from the LA Times RIGHT HERE

Ordinarily, we wouldn't get too excited over this story and really we aren't. We just feel as though we should report on Sports reporters who report quite frequently on athletes who perpetrate these kind of acts, so it is only fair that the tables be turned.

And it allows us to ask the rhetorical question...What would Woody Paige say?

Since either my computer or blogger won't let me post a photo, this video will have to do. Mariotti is the guy on the right.

((Update: Must be Mariotti's less than flattering picture. Much like most of the Sports writing world appears to not care for him, the computer didn't like him either. Haven't had problems with any other pictures))

Thanks nbacourts/YouTube: