Sunday, August 22, 2010

BREAKING: Piniella Retiring After Today's Game

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He's had all he can stands, he can't stands no more...

Well, so much for Chicago Cubs Manager Lou Piniella staying on for the rest of the regular season.

The Cubs have become so much of a dumpster fire, the current-soon-to-be-ex manager is out after a leisurely Sunday game against the Atlanta Braves.

The HQ will remember Piniella for his fire as a player and a manager...
Kinda like this... thanks, humidor70

And like this... thanks, mouthpiecesports

The Chicago Tribune got a hold of one of those lovely prepared statements:

"When I previously announced my intentions to retire at the end of the season, a primary reason for my decision was that it would allow me to spend more valuable time with my family," Piniella said in a statement released by the ballclub. "That time has unfortunately gotten here sooner than I could have ever expected.

"As many know, the several weeks since that announcement was made have been very difficult on a family level, requiring two leaves of absence from the club. While I fully intended to manage this club the rest of the season, a family situation at home now requires my full attention."

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