Thursday, August 26, 2010

Football Writers Association Of America Says "No National Title For You 2004 USC Trojans"

What's the old saying cheaters never prosper. The University of Southern California is finding that out.

The Football Writers Association of America revoked the Trojans of their 2004 National Championship and the FWAA declined to name a replacement for the vacated title.

This is the first time a national championship has been vacated in a major college sport.

In a release by the FWAA, the organization reserves its right to pick a substitute national champion and a majority of the special committee reviewing USC's case during their recent scandal could not agree on a replacement for USC as the FWAA national champion.

"There was a thorough discussion of all the possible scenarios involving all the appropriate teams," FWAA President Tim Griffin said in a release. "The FWAA reached a very fair conclusion based on careful consideration of the strengths of all the teams. We realize there are numerous opinions on this question.

"Nonetheless, this group – which has more than three collective centuries of experience covering college football and has members representing all geographic regions in the nation – came to a decision we feel best serves the sport."

This decision will have Auburn Tiger fans ticked off. All that team accomplished was an undefeated season, 13-0. The Tigers were ranked #2 behind the Trojans in the final FWAA poll that year. That 2004 Auburn team can't even catch a break with this move.

You can read the release from the FWAA clicking below.

Here's USC's Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma that according to the FWAA never happened. (Thanks ESPN/ABC/

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