Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DEVELOPING: Tim Tebow realizes NFL Players hit back...leaves practice with Rib Injury

Tim Tebow at Practice//Courtesy: Denver Post
The man expected to revive the Denver Broncos sometime in the next couple of years and who is generally credited by Florida fans as being the greatest college football player ever, left practice Wednesday afternoon in Denver with a rib injury.

Tim Tebow, who has apparently been wearing a flak jacket the past couple of days in practice, jogged off of the field with the Broncos trainer. He had been involved in several running plays where he got hit very hard over the weekend when the Broncos played the Cincinnati Bengals. The most violent one, the last play of the game, where he scored a touchdown, but was hit hard by Bengals linebacker Abdul Hodge.

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The injury at this point, is not considered serious, though if the ribs hurt that much, you may not be seeing Mr. 1st Round draft pick playing this weekend.

We don't harbor some of the ill will that others do to Mr. Tebow and respect him as a football player. However....he hopefully will learn that in the NFL, most defenders are every bit as big and every bit as fast and strong as he is. And they like to hit Quarterbacks who think they are tough. If he doesn't learn this lesson, his time in the NFL may be very, very short.

We generally don't like music montages, but we will use this one, since it has highlights of the Broncos/Bengals least til the NFL finds it and has it pulled. Thanks YouTube:

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