Monday, August 16, 2010

Francisco Rodriguez's is done for the year...dumbass!

K-Rod in cuffs//Courtesy:

This is a candidate for the stupidest move of the year. We told you late last week about New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) getting in trouble for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend's father.

His original issues, were going to cost him a 2-plus game vacation, a fine and legal issues with the NYPD. Now comes word that not only did all of this happen, but while it was happening, K-Rod tore a ligament in his thumb, will have surgery and is done for 2010.

More from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

Needless to say, the downward spiraling Mets are a little less than happy. And they should be. They have a lot of money invested in Mr. K-Rod and are now considering voiding his contract. Whether that happens or not is a different issue. Though he isn't particularly bright, he is a pretty good closer and if the Mets don't want him, someone else will.

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