Monday, August 16, 2010

Fifth Swimmer Accuses USA Swimming Of Sexual Abuse

Olympic hopeful Jancy Thompson has filed the fifth sexual misconduct lawsuit against USA Swimming in a sex abuse scandal that has had a lot of legs over the last year or so. Thompson, now 28, tells Ross her California swim coach began to abuse her at age 15.

"He told me that he could give me the recipe to being an Olympics swimmer, so I trusted him that he wouldn't hurt me, that he would take me to the Olympics,"

Thompson, who entered law enforcement after quitting swimming, tells Ross. "So what he said was what I believed, and I didn't know any better."
It also included the idea from Thompson's coach of wearing a dog collar with a leash attached.

Here's the Jancy Thompson interview with Brian Ross
((HT: ABCNews/Brian Ross Investigates))

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