Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DEVELOPING: NCAA tells Jeremiah Masoli, not this year...

Jeremiah Masoli in Oregon/Courtesy: pathtothedraft.com
If nothing else, the timing is impeccable. Just 4 days before their home opener, the Ole Miss Rebels have learned that reclamation project/guy who was going to rescue them, former Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli, won't get to play in 2011. The NCAA ruled late this afternoon that Masoli won't be available until 2011.

Masoli, a potential Heisman candidate before getting booted out of Oregon for being arrested...more than once, thought he found the perfect fit. Coach Houston Nutt and Ole Miss were desperate for a Quarterback to replace the departed Jevan Snead.

At least for the 1st game this year that won't happen. Ole Miss has appealed.

More from WLOX-TV in Biloxi RIGHT HERE

If you want to read the NCAA's statement and Ole Miss' response, Registerguard.com has it RIGHT HERE

 To be honest, we kind of agree with the NCAA here. Letting Masoli play this year after the absurdly criminal acts that he perpetrated in Eugene is not exactly fair. He needs to pay the price for what he did. Yeah, I know, it's all about second chances...however this is more than second. The guy, aside from being asked to leave the University of Oregon, really hasn't paid much of a penalty for what he did.

If you read the WLOX story and others about this, at least the Mississippi versions, they tend to overlook the fact the Masoli is a convicted criminal. Sorry. We hope he gets his life together, but he shouldn't be handed a golden opportunity just because he is the perfect guy to rescue Ole Miss in the SEC.

This is why the right reverend Nutt is fascinated with Masoli. Thanks YouTube:

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